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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Report: Day 7 [13-12-2011]

Today marks the 1-Week checkpoint of my recent Fight to Fitness. Although I feel that there are some physical changes in me, unfortunately, they are not that visible currently. Mood-wise I am very upbeat. The past week has been very encouraging and I am very enthusiastic about my next session. In fact, I am also looking into different kinds of exercise in between gym days.

Tonight, since I am resting from the gym, I agreed to go running with The Fat One (Calvinus). Fat-Stuff is currently going through some High Intensity Training (HIT). Apparently running is a part of it, so he asked me. I was told it would take no more than 30 minutes of intensive running at my old stomping ground (Kiara Park, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail). Of course I said yes!

Once I picked him up and brought him to Kiara Park, that is when he revealed the nature of HIT: Proponents are to do a fast walk for a measure of time before suddenly sprinting for 30 seconds. This will be considered to be One (1) Set. The idea is have extreme varying of the heart rate for cardio and weight loss purposes. I told him of my reservations in doing this, i.e. due to the high impact nature of walking and running suddenly, but I decided to give it a try any ways. After some streching warm-up we set off.

The First Set took me totally off guard. I was more used to doing a fast run before sprinting for an extended period of time. But walking to sprinting? The Usain Bolt's Fat Counterpart demonstrated his powerful sprinting capabilities once again, shooting off way in front during the sprint segment. I on the other hand managed to maintain a speed of approximately 11.0 to 12.0 kmph but was far back.

By the Third Set, I was finally wamed up and my body adapted to the sprinting, to the point where I was able to pick up speed midway through the 30-second sprint. I maintained the same stride and speed of 11 to 12 kmph for the most part and probably ran as fast as 13 kmph for short bursts but I could see Fatty Crab visibly slowing down due to lack of conditioning. I managed to overtake him for short periods even.

By the Sixth Set my body was primed to go on. I was still maintaining a minimum speed of 11 to 12 kmph and I was still able to produce short bursts of additional speed. I could have gone another 6 sets if I wanted to push myself. Fats needed to stop. He hasn't been running this course for 4 months and he was already pushing his fat envelope. We agreed that we would do this at least once every week. I told him we'd train some form in his running as I noticed his sprints were powerful but terribly inefficient - hence the inability to maintain the sprint speed. Also I noticed he was breathing using his mouth excessively. A big no-no for runners, as far as I know.

I was glad to be able to push him towards the Sixth Set as he wanted to stop at the Fifth Set. That's what (training) friends are for. I would have liked to go on, but we're in this together and... he ain't heavy, he's my brother.


There, i've reached the 1-Week Checkpoint. what have I achieved so far?

Weight loss? Slightly perhaps.

Physical differences? Slightly if none at all.

Fitness levels? Tremendous change - the past week of consistent conditioning has made a world of change, as shown on Day 7 with Fats.

My biggest achievement so far? My eating habits have improved and I'm exercising consistently - 3 days in the gym, another day of running, another day of hardcore dancing. That leaves only 2 days of inactivity. Even so, it's not like I don't do anything on those days which I don't exercise!

The only thing which has not markedly improved is my sleeping habits. I'll need more rest when the work-outs get more hardcore. And that will be happening sooner rather than later. 

Thanks for viewing!

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