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Monday, December 19, 2011

Report: Day 12 [18-12-2011]

After last Friday's work-out (Day 10) I'm raring to go again but I'm mindful of Master Raj's advice on sufficient rest. I decided that I will need to go for alternative forms of exercise besides lifting weights on the 'off' days ('off' meaning I'm not going through the full scheduled routine) - such as swimming and running outdoors. The importance is to keep on moving and not get rusty and lazy.

Today I've got a spot of dinner and home movie planned at my place, with a small group of tight friends. But I do have a little time before dinner, so... Since I've always got my gym bag + clothes + shoes with me in my car at all times, I decided to get some fresh air at the Kiara Park. I actually forgot how difficult it was to run outdoors!

Make no mistake, running on a treadmill, no matter how fast, cannot compare to the kind of resistance you're going to face when running outdoors. Holy crap! I started out terrible really. I was insufficiently warmed-up, thinking, "No problem, I'll just do a medium jog. No problem, right?" Wrong.

I struggled from 'Go'. I could feel my legs slow down almost immediately. I have a theory that my Adidas track pants contributed to the tremendous wind resistance. Of course, that could merely have been the weakness in my legs. Anyways. The first lap around the lower circuit around the park took me approximately 9.5 minutes. My lungs were set to burst and my sides ached like a mofo. Crazy right? I walked for about 2 minutes before running again. For Lap 2, I felt much better and my pace almost doubled. The warm-up would have made a world of difference but I was foolhardy earlier on. However, I think the damage was done. Lap 2 took me approximately 7.5 minutes but I faltered halfway, with the burning lungs and the aching sides. It took great effort to finish the damned lap. I decided to stop after 2 laps.

Back when I was running regularly (4 times a week at least) I always did some weight lifting after my runs. It was always with my own weight (chin-ups, push-ups, etc.). Looking back now, I certainly did not do it correctly or efficiently. I sought to rectify that. I found plenty of exercise bars and such and chose a horizontal bar with a height slightly below my chest level. I grabed the bar and suspended myself underneath (supported by my feet). With the slight leg support I was pulling about 40 pounds (estimated). I straightened my body and did Lateral 'Pull-Ups', 2 Sets of 10 reps each. Following that I found a low bar for balance-walking which I used for push-ups. This was rather painful but I completed 2 Sets of 10 reps.

I stopped to leave for a shower at Calvin's place and dinner sunsequently but I left very motivated and eager for my next visit to Kiara park. An observation I made is that I was sweating profusely. Like really really drenched. There was so much sweat it wasn't funny at all! Could it be due to the humidity of the weather, or a serious lack of fitness technique?

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