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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Report: Day 21 [27-12-2011]

I'm getting a wee bit frustrated now due the lack of exercise. I've not done shite for the past 8 days. Deep down inside, I'm terrified of losing steam on the Fight to Fitness. Then all I have done, this Fitness Blog, everything, would have been in vain.

I've just been too bloody busy. Good thing is, I've got photography jobs coming up. It's also been totally frustrating that my photography is at a standstill. I know I've been hitting the gym hard for 2 weeks running but at home I'm still chilling with other stuff, not photo editing. I got to get back on that horse as well.

For anyone who came across this Fitness Blog, please help me out with some encouragement. It would be mighty comforting to know that I'm not struggling alone.

Once this damned holiday season is over, I'm gonna go postal on my health and fitness. Meanwhile, I'll have to carefully watch what I eat and go running whenever I can. I'm planning to do so at night like midnight sorta run. I need to sweat and I need it badly.

Pray for me.

Thanks for viewing!

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