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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Report: Day 10 [16-12-2011]

I'm back in the gym today. First session of the 2nd week.

Why, pray tell, do I make such a fuss over how many times I hit the gym? No, it's not for bragging rights. I haven't got that right as of yet. It's because for beginners, or those starting out in the whole fitness routine, the biggest obstacle you might face is your arch-enemy, consistency. With it, you can achieve swift results. Without it, you're doomed to failure. Trust me on this.

Therefore, after a 3 day lay-off, I'm pretty eager to hit the weights again. My Fitness Report is as follows:-


1. Leg Press

55 pounds @ 2 Sets of 15 reps. I'm starting to find a rhythm in my movement. The entire 2 sets went of without a hitch. I should consider raising the weight.

2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press - Shoulders

Once again, 4kg dumbbells on each hand. It was smoother this time as I settled into a steady pump and release. 2 Sets of 15 reps each was not a walk in the park, but doable.

3. Bench Press with the Olympic Bar - Chest

As mentioned before, I'm also getting into the rhythm of bench pressing the Oly Bar. 44 pounds for 2 Sets of 15 reps went off well .

4. Seated Rower Pull - Back

I found the Seated Rower much more difficult as compared to the Lateral Pull Down. But I did it anyway at 40 pounds. I almost died after 2 Sets of 15 reps and my form was terrible. I'll remember to go with the Lateral Pull Down in future.

5. Dumbbell Bicep Curls

My form for this one was pretty decent. I stuck with 4kg weights on each arm, and the 2 Sets of 15 reps each gave me a nice buzz afterwards.

6. Tricep Pushdown w/rope

Today I did 12 pounds throughout the 2 Sets of 15 reps each. It's getting easier. I guess I'm starting to build a little strength here. 

7. Abdominal Crunches

I stayed with 35 pounds for this one. I tried to make each and every crunch count. And it hurt like a mother... 2 Sets of 15 reps each - Done!

8. Cardio Run (Treadmill)

I couldn't stay for long so I rush this one yet again. Nevertheless, I think the revised cardio segment has been more and more intense and I think this makes some difference.

2 minutes - Fast walk @ 5.5 kmph

1 minutes - Fast jog @ 7.0 kmph
1 minutes - Medium Sprint @ 9.0 kmph
1 minutes - Run like Hell @ 11.0 kmph
2 minutes - Fast jog @ 7.0 kmph
2 minutes - Uphill Run @ 4.0 incline and 7.0 kmph
1 minutes - Fast jog @ 7.0 kmph

0.5 minute - Medium Sprint @ 9.0 kmph
0.5 minutes - Fast jog @ 7.0 kmph
1 minute - Brisk jog to slow walk to stop


Any difference so far?

For one, I'm getting into the rhythm of the work-outs. Another is that my form is improving all the time. And lastly, the speed of my work-outs is improving. Hopefully, I can achieve Master Raj's proposed 1/2 hour resistance training target by the 4th or 6th week. That would be an achievement of some sort. Now, besides the gym, I gotta find some other forms of exercise outside. Looking forward to be able to run with Fatty again.

Thanks for viewing!

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