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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Report: Day 14 [20-12-2011]

Today marks the second week of my Fight to Fitness. Although 14 days may not seem like much to you lot, it is a fairly commendable feat for the Average Dom (who has not been involved in any physical activity for years, besides dancing). 2 weeks after I started the Fight, what challenges have I faced so far?

1. BoreDom - Sometimes it feels like such a chore to get my ass to the gym. Although, this is a familiar feeling for many, this is something we Average Doms need to get around if we are to gain any measure of success in the Fight. Find ways to make things interesting - start talking to muscular women, find other forms of exercise instead if gymming all the time, etc.

2. Temptations of the Flesh - I'm talking about livestock here, so don't get the wrong idea. Sometimes, we feel we've already lost some weight so we binge eat to celebrate. Don't do that. You'll regret it. I promise you this. I'm still eating half a sausage bun at 1pm and the other half at 4pm. I'm eating as often as I can but I'm still cutting down on overall intake. Damn you food.

3. Busy Little Bees - I know we all have varying busy schedules. When we first sign up for the gym, we're all inspired to drop everything and go work-out 8-days a week. After the initial burst of inspiration, we settle back into our old routines - along with our old excuses. You're going to have to find away around that and ACTIVELY make time for your work-outs. Make time, not excuses. After all, commercial gyms open at strange hours. Stranger than your work hours (probably).

4. My Sacrifice - Arguably the toughest thing for anyone to do. In order to achieve rapid results in the shortest span of time, we need to be consistent in our exercise routine, and more than that, we need a change in our lifestyle. Never falter! However, the degree of consistency often results in us having to cancel other things. The challenge here is to maintain my efforts so far, and yet to not totally leave my old life behind. Do bear in mind that a lifestyle change for the better would still be a change nevertheless. A healthier lifestyle would most likely mean, less alcohol, less cigarettes, and less late nights, less skanky hoes, etc., but how is that a bad thing?


For the readers of my simple blog, any other challenges you face in your personal fight to fitness?
Today is a designated Rest Day for me. Plus my stiff neck is not doing me any favours. I hope to be better in time for tomorrows session. As such, I refuse to sit on my buttocks to watch TV or anything. I'm going swimming instead. Bulla! 

Thanks for viewing!

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