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Friday, December 9, 2011

Report: Day 3 [9-12-2011]

Nothing much to report here, except for several observations I might want to remember in the months to come.

I initially planned to work-out every alternate day. This is important to ensure that your body has time to heal itself, for lack of better medical terms. According to Fitness Guru Raj, this may be the most effective method for me currently (at least). However, I may need a little bit more time to recover from Day One.

After working-out at Day One, I woke up on Day 2 feeling extremely tired and sore - like I spent the night getting beaten-up by a team of pissed-off rugby players. Interestingly enough, I spent Day One working the 7 major muscle groups (please do feel free to correct me if I use the incorrect terms) and on Day Two, I was starting to feel the soreness in specific areas. In a geeky sort of way it's exciting when you start to feel what you set-out to work on:

1. The most obvious soreness right now is in the quads, hamstrings, and the calves. I suspect it is from the 20 minutes of varied resistance and speed running, and not so much from the leg presses I did. Surprisingly, I am still able to walk on the morning of Day Two. As a side note, this is a very familiar soreness to me, since the days when I still ran short to middle distance.

2. The next obvious soreness comes from the traps, to the shoulders, to the upper arms, the biceps and triceps. I definitely know where these came from! I felt it burning like a fiery harpy in Day One! My arms are fairly numb still and I can't straighten them (left arm is far worse than the right). Because of the tightness of my upper back and my upper arms , I walked around the whole day with my shoulders pulled back, chest popped and arms bent, like I'm expecting a fight with someone. 

3. I didn't really feel any soreness in the chest and abdominal area during Day Two, until the end of Day Two, where the soreness slowly but surely build momentum.

Interesting random fact, Raj tells me this condition of soreness is coincidentaly known as D.O.M.S or Delayed On-set Muscle Soreness. How cool is that? Raj tells me to enjoy this feeling while I am able to have it. Once my body is conditioned accordingly, I'll miss it, he says.

As mentioned earlier, it is most likely that I'll not go exercise today in light of the soreness of my body. I'll make up for it during the weekend.

One last interesting thing to note though - this morning (Day Three) I woke up late for work and proceeded to rush like a mad-dog to get to work on time. I barely realised that the second day of soreness after exercise was supposed to be the worse. Besides a slight difficulty in walking which developed later in Day Two, everything was totally fine, if not better than last night. Day Three is turning out pretty good then.

A good sign?
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