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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Report: Day 120 [4-4-2012]

Something came up at the last minute, and in a very disappointing fashion, I was not able to visit the gym as planned. I then decided not to wallow in my obese self pity and go ahead with home exercises, since Desmond did have a variety of weights at home.

You know what they say, every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, I called out to David to help me spot for me, and Desmond came out. Des then gave me instructions on a particularly strenuous workout regime, he claims he does "when he is not working out".

3 sets of that, I felt like dying all over. I hit the showers after that.


1. Leg Muscle Group

Barbell Squats
Weight stack: 7kg bar + 2x 10kg barbells. Approximately 27kg in total.
Sets: 2
Reps per set: 15

2. Desmond's Dead Lift and Press

Equipment used: 1x Barbells (total weight approximately 27kg), and 1x Barbells (total weight approximately 12kg)

Start with heavier barbells held with both hands, evenly spaced. Lean forward, keeping back straight and knees bent only slightly. The idea is not to bend your knees but to lean forward, tummy tucked in, butt stuck out (like squats). If you're doing it right, your hamstrings should be tight when you lean over.

Next, like a dead lift, quickly jerk the weight upwards and bring it to rest on the top of your chest, arms bent. In this position, stretch you chest until it is tight.

Once the barbells are rested on the top of your chest, using your knees (for that 'bounce' effect) IMMEDIATELY press the weight upwards. Lower the barbells from the press slowly until it rests on the top of your chest again.

To finish one (1) rep, slowly roll the barbell back into a dead lift position, in the process, tighten your chest, arms and forearms. Once you are back in the default position, quickly jerk the weight upwards to begin the 2nd rep.

Do this 5 times for the heavier barbells, and 10 ten times for the lighter barbells. 

Do as many sets as your testicles can handle. I did 3 sets last night and I almost died. My first target? Hit 5 sets

3. Shower

Woo hoo!


Thanks for viewing!

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