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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Report: Day 33 [8-1-2012]

Woo hoo! I’ve not been so amped since the first day of my Fight to Fitness just over a month ago.

Today, Sunday, 8th January 2012, Raj invited me to work-out with him at Fitness First, Menara Axis, as his guest. FF has a great system whereby full Members are able to bring in guests, and those guests do not have to put up with sales talk and such. We just sign in a logbook, and we get a card (to be used for the lockers). Guests get no towels though. We just have to bring our own.

The ambience inside was great! One of the best I’ve seen. There was much natural light, and everything was a neutral-colored white and blue.

Today was amazing because Master Raj took the trouble to teach me different kinds of exercises for the same routine. How is this good? Apparently it is better to alternate exercises because different exercises work your body differently. It was cool to learn that when you perform most types of exercise routines, different muscles are worked. Even when you are working the Primary Muscles (i.e. biceps for bicep curls), other Secondary Muscles will be working in tandem as well.

1. Barbell Squats

This is way cooler than the Leg Presses (no offence Leg Press!). I'm using a short bar (the Oly Bar's younger, smaller brother) here, with some weights. I start out with almost an Olympic snatch and lift, to place the bar behind my neck of sorts. It should sit comfortably in that little pocket of traps below the spiny-bony bits near your medula oblangata and above your should blades. Now the fun part.

Keep back and shoulders pulled back at all times. Head look forward at all times. Now bend your knees and at the same time, suck your tummy in and jut your butt backwards in a vulgar, toilet-seat-too-far way.

1 Keep both feet firmly planted to the ground;
2. Keep your calves/shin straight and perpendicular to the floor always;
3. Keep your head aligned with the straight line of your perpendicular calves/shins;
4. You'll find your body bending forward, but remeber to keep looking straight ahead; and
5. You're actually moving backwards, ass first. Remember this!

Weight stack: Approximately 10kg
Sets: 3
Reps per set: 20

2. Dumbbell Chest Press

Think pyramid! I lie down on my back on a bench, leg bent 90 degrees. I hold the dumbbells with my arms straight up in the air (palms 'down'). The dumbbells should be positioned somewhere aligned with my chest, not with my neck or head. That's too high up. I'll inhale as I drop my arms to a 90 degree bend, not too far apart, and exhale as I push the weights back up, in a sort of pyramid motion. 

Another thing Raj encouraged me to do. To make the work-out even more effective, everytime I pumped upwards, I had to squeeze my chest together by flexing it. This actually makes it more difficult to do. But hey! More Muscle Time Under Tension!

Weight stack: 5kg dumbbells on each hand
Sets: 3
Reps per set: 20

3. Seated Rows

Not complicating this one. Get on the rowing machine. Make sure your legs are not too outstretched or too bent. Somewhere in between and comfortable.

- Back straight;
- Shoulders pulled back;
- Stomach sucked in;
- Elbows close together (no mosquitos may pass according to Raj)
- Squeeze your chest together by flexing for a moment when your arms are outstretched.

Weight stack: 15kg on machines
Sets: 3
Reps per set: 20

4. Arnold Shoulder Press
Weight stack: 5kg dumbbells per arm - Standing
These are amazing. They're my favourite exercise now! They're called as such, because apparently this is Arnold "The Governator" Schwartzeneggar's fav work-out. Start out with your elbows bent and close to you, with both palms facing you, and your arms close to your body, holding dumbbells. Does that make sense? It looks like you're doing the Cus D'Amato Peek-a-Boo boxing stance. The dumbbells should be in-line with your nose, with your eyes peeking over your knuckles.

Extend your arms, and at the same time, twist them. At the full extension of your arm, your palms are now facing foward. When you drop your arms, do the same thing in reverse. Twist your arms back into the starting position. Bulla grande!

Sets: 3
Reps per set: 20

5. Bicep Cable Curl w/Straight Bar & Rope

This is relatively simple and straightforward. Basically I'm doing the bicep curls I am used to except with the cable machine. For another alternative, just swap the straight bar with the ropes (with balls on the end - same ones for the tricep pull-down)

Weight stack: 10kg on machine
Sets: 2
Reps per set: 20

6. Dumbbell Skull Crushers

I couldn't finish this one. This is some crazy shit. I'm lying down on the bench, arms outstretched holding the dumbbells (palms facing each other). My upper arms are kind off perpendicular to the floor, but my forearms are tilted about 10-15 degrees at the elbow, towards my head. Keep both arms tight together.

Now bend your forearm, without moving your upper arms, towards to your head! Like hammering in a nail you 'hammer' your skull.

I couldn't finish the Second Set for this one. My arms were numb and I could go no further. I have to readjust for lighter dumbbells for this exercise

Weight stack: 5kg dumbells on each hand
Sets: 2
Reps per set: 15

7. Sit-Ups w/Diagonal Punches & Diagonal

These were immensely fun to do. Find a place to wedge your feet in (or alternatively find someone to sit/step on your feet) and just do regular sit-ups. The difference is, when you get up, do a 1-2 jab to the left, followed by rights. In the process, make sure you twist your waist towards the respective side with each punch.

If you don't feel like punching, you may want to try crossing your arms,and placing both hands on your shoulders. With each sit-up, twist your body to the side. This is about 25% more difficult than the earlier one.

Weight stack: Gravity
Sets: 2
Reps per set: 20

All in all, this was one amazing session! Many thanks to Raj again for his guidance and support. As I have been saying all this while, the whole Fight to Fitness would probably not be possible without his help and support!

Thanks for viewing!

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